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2016 Getting Ready for School

Getting Ready for School, Arkansas Map Data 2016 presents a series of indicators that influence a child's ability to succeed in school. It is a compilation of data in map format designed to provide reliable measures with which to guide state's families, legislative leaders, educators, and communities in creating the best path to ensure our children are ready to learn.


A Changing Arkansas is a presentation and analysis of the changes occurring within Arkansas from 2000 to 2010 as reflected by selected population, social, economic, and related data is the sixth study on this subject undertaken by this organization. The essential data source for the study is the Census Bureau's 2000 and 2010 Censuses of Population and Housing. In addition to the Census data, statistics from the Arkansas Department of Health were used for births, deaths, and associated rates of fertility and mortality. The geographic coverage area and tabular presentation contains data at the state, county, and planning district levels.

2016 State and County Economic Data Book  

The 2016 Arkansas State and County Economic Data book presents a wide variety of statistical data for the counties of Arkansas and for the state. The data topics include: Population, Employment, Payrolls, Personal Income, Retail and Wholesale Sales, Bank Deposits, Value Added by Manufacture, Market Value of Agricultural Products Sold, and Total Real and Personal Property Assessments.

2016 Personal Income Handbook  

The 2016 Arkansas Personal Income Handbook presents the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) estimates of total and per capita personal income as well as additional detail on the sources of personal income by type and major industry for Arkansas, its Planning and Development Districts (PDDs), Economic Development Districts (EDDs), Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), and counties.

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