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The Use and Misuse of Economic Impact Studies

Many public and private agencies, advocacy groups, and businesses want to know their economic impacts on their communities.  They commission an impact study enabling consultants to diligently quantify and estimate the economic impacts, write reports, and present their findings.  Some report’s findings are legitimate, but others have findings that appear to be dubiously high.  At times it appears as if the primary purpose of these questionable studies is to demonstrate a significant contribution thereby justifying the success of the activity.  


Michael Pakko Interview on Talk Business


Updated the County Population Charts for 1980-2030

Demographic research has updated the County Population Charts for 1980-2030 Time Series using Census Bureau’s population revisions for  2001-2010. These population revisions have also been used in a post evaluation of the forecast accuracy of the 2001-2010  county population projections. A report discussing the findings from this study is now available online.

County Charts of Time Series 1980 - 2030

Download the report


2013 Economic Forecast Presentations

The 2013 Forecast Conference Presentations are now available.